Hey everyone -- the dolls Cyndi made of my parents look EXACTLY LIKE THEM. Seriously! It's eerie because Cyndi NEVER even met them and she did it all from video and pictures. It is AMAZING. Everyone who has seen them and knows my parents is in AWE. These are a true treasure. If you are able, I HIGHLY recommend ordering one for you or a loved one.






Man oh man. You do beautiful work. What an incredible gift you have. I have got to have you do me. I am just so blown away at the incredible work you do.






Man you do awesome work. I love mine! Thank you so much you are awesome!






You really do amazing work. Your attention to detail is remarkable.






These are awesome Cyndi!!! You are one talented chick!!






Girl you've got mad talent -- I'm so impressed! :-)






You do great work! Mine was a Christmas gift, and an awesome one at that. Thank you for making the dolls for Huey. It was one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. The dolls you made for Terry and Kelley are just as great.






You do really great work! Your attention to detail is incredible.






I can't believe how talented you are at sculpting the features of each person. You are a true artist. (((HUGS)))



Very cool. can you make them life sized and anatomically correct because I have a spectacular idea!!!!!





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